Well it was long over due, but we have redesigned the entire site from top to bottom. While the old site did contain everything we've done, we've found that this format is far more effective to getting what we do across to everyone.  Overall what will be seen on here going forward is an explanation of things going on. Effectively to help educate as well as provide insight on why things are done a certain way.

What should you expect? Well that is a good question. Possibly some answers to everyday questions. Definitely tips to help for when you call but also tips or tricks to get past a lot of the problems that a computer will present on your everyday life.

As someone that does lives and breathes information technology, or IT for short, there will be some insight on how to describe a problem too.  As what is said vs what actually happens to take place can be different. But always know that every problem that we solve will be explained to the user.

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