providing unique and tailored solutions for everyone's problems

  • Website Design and Development
    We can provide creative designs, as well as for with you to register and set up your website.  We will work with you to maintain your website and provide updates on an as needed basis or as part of a maintenance plan.  Also if desired, we can host your website for you to help achieve your goals....
  • Secretarial Services
    For secretarial work, we can provide in a timely fashion. All forms of correspondence  Contracts  Proposals  Bulk Text typing  Statistical typing...
  • Bookkeeping Services
    We can provide the following services for maintaining your books and records. Accounts Payable  Accounts Receivable  Cash Disbursements  Bank Reconciliations Billing  Month-end Statements  Aged Accounts Receivable Reports...
  • Computer Repair
    Our computer repair services are constantly evolving to the needs of our clients. Whether the repair is as simple as re-installing a program. Or as complex as having to replace the entire system with a new one due to complete systematic failure. Most of the time however it is as simple as maintenance. We take care of it all for 
  • Virus Removal
    Viruses are a pain. We strive to have a fast turn around time for viruses of about 72 hours from when we receive the computer. We can if we receive them early enough in the day and there is a need for it can perform a 24 hour turn around.* When it comes to viruses, they are a dime a 
  • Data Recovery
    We do offer data recovery services. However be aware that data recovery isn't 100% guaranteed because there is always a chance that hardware may be too degraded for our equipment to work with. If that is the case, then we will advise sending it out to a specialist because of the tools that they have may yield a better chance 
  • Custom Systems
    We will build a custom computer or server for your needs. Whether it is a totally custom computer that we build from the ground up or it is a system that we need to tailor to your needs from a third party. We will advise accordingly and make sure that the system meets and exceeds your needs so that as