Virus Removal

Viruses are a pain. We strive to have a fast turn around time for viruses of about 72 hours from when we receive the computer.

We can if we receive them early enough in the day and there is a need for it can perform a 24 hour turn around.*

When it comes to viruses, they are a dime a dozen. However when it comes to cleaning the system from viruses, we take every effort to make sure that nothing is lost. Our standards for preserving your data were developed by seeing how others would charge for such a procedure. We made it standard to preserve before doing any work. Also at the request of the owner we will provide a copy of that data at no extra charge unless we need to provide hardware for it.

Unfortunately a lot of the ways viruses make their way into a computer are by misleading tactics. Free software is one of the biggest. Also where the software is obtained being another.  Once we find the software that potentially caused the virus to appear on the computer, we will remove it along with the virus.


*Rush turn around time is at a higher expense as we will stop other jobs to make sure that your system is returned as fast as possible. Please be aware that this 24 hour turn around time is estimated scan times are varied based on the amount of data.

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