Virus vs Malware vs Bloatware

As the title suggests, this will be an overview of the differences between viruses, malware, and bloatware. Most of the time this is a confusing concept, as all three can be considered the same thing because of the characteristics being too similar.

A virus by its very definition is to inject code into a system, replicate and corrupt a system. However there are several different types of viruses.

  • Trojan Horse viruses disguise themselves as a safe program until it's time for it to deploy and cause havoc on the machine
  • Worms are self replicating standalone pieces of malicious software
  • Ransom-ware viruses are particularly nasty as they will encrypt your data and in all likelihood you will not get your data back. As the name suggests, it wants you to pay a ransom to get them back, but this is a scam

Those are just a few types of viruses. The thing to take note of is that if your system is infected with a virus, you will see the function being much different than it was before. More often than not this can be a slow build up instead of a night and day concept.

Malware is short for Malicious Software. This software is designed to cause some damage and potentially bring in viruses. As to the damage it can cause well that is relative to what the type of software that it is. Most of the time we have seen this to be a pop up on the machine that makes a claim that your computer has a virus on it and to click here to remove.

Please never click that message. It will lead to more potential problems.

Bloatware. As the name suggests, when a human being feels bloated they feel lethargic or lazy. To solve this what we recommend is general maintenance. But the question comes how did this come into my computer. To answer that, chances are you installed some free software or some other third party software that came with toolbars that may not be needed.

Effectively on some level most people consider bloatware a form of malware. When in fact it's separate from malware. Mostly because it's just designed to make things run slightly slower because they need to load too.

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