As the title of the post suggests, this will be a brief post about migration.

What is migration in the technical world. Well to the point of the definition it is the moving of information. Be it files and folders, user profiles, favorites, email, etc. It all falls under the term migration. More to the point these types of migration are considered data migrations. Now a lot of technicians end up doing this on a day to day basis when it comes to data recovery or just upgrading devices or systems.

More often it comes under the heading of data transfer. But the more correct term is Data Migration.  When running migrations of this type, it is imperative that the data be backed up somewhere be it flash drive, hard drive or even in the cloud.  There are times when a migration can fail and these backups are very useful.

Overall if you're doing a data migration of any kind make sure that there is an accurate backup somewhere. You never know really when or where it will prove useful.

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