Personal Information

We've all been there. We decide to join a website. So what comes next after that decision?  Well you need to fill out a form. This form is basically a list of questions that now if a hacker were to gain access to can use to possibly perform identity theft on you or countless others.  So the question comes to how do you deal with this.

In order to deal with the breach of personal information, you can choose to sign up for a service like Life Lock. Or you can choose to do nothing and hope for the best. Generally when a company incurs a breach of their security they provide to you a year of credit monitoring and protection to help protect their customers. It is advisable that you take it, even if you think well I don't have much information.

But personal information is something that has a different role other than filling out a form. We use it everyday with the aspect of security questions. Nine times out of ten, you will end up answering these questions truthfully. In reality it is recommended that you don't answer them truthfully.  Answer them with a phrase or something that may have no attachment to that of the question itself. These questions are used on websites for access back into your account. But also for when you call into a bank, credit card company, or even a software company so that they can verify that the owner or someone authorized on the account is the one calling.

The downside of someone having access to your personal information of any kind is the possible damage that can be done. By using odd information or even a single phrase for security questions helps you out immensely when it comes security. It is one thing that most people don't do. We recommend that taking a practice like that instead of being truthful halts stuff like social engineering.

At the end of the day it is your personal information that we are trying to look out for. Passwords are generally words or pins we use daily. So make them something that you'll remember but have no ties to your life. Also with the questions keep it simple but not the least bit revealing. Finally with it all, having a way to monitor for your personal information is a good way to look out for yourself.

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